The project - summary

The Dutch Flevopolders are a recent addition to The Netherlands. After the closure of the (then) Zuiderzee in 1932 and the reclamation of land in 1955 and 1968, the new land was developed. Consisting mainly of agricultural land, with two large and a few smaller towns, it is a very "tailored" part of The Netherlands. Famous for its Oostvaardersplassen nature reserve, it also has a number of planted woodlands.

As a result, this new land still has very few old trees or old buildings that are suitable to provide a home for bats all year round. In spite of that, bats are seen throughout the polders. There seems to be enough food...

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In co-operation with Landschapsbeheer Flevoland, a non-governmental organisation (NGO) in charge of countryside and urban nature-management, this project has been set up to change that. We aim to develop a new type of bat house and place a number of them at key sites, mainly at visitor centres in the various nature parks and reserves.

Soon after the start of this project, we were asked to formulate educational and monitoring goals in order to provide information for visitors, and organisations that track bats in The Netherlands.

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The first bat house has been erected in the city nature estate De Kemphaan, situated close to the city of Almere. Since 2016 we have placed more than 20 boxes throughout the Flevopolders.

Now that a number of boxes are in place, a local university with a course in applied biology, includes bat monitoring in its annual field studies.

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The project is partly funded by the Streekfonds Flevoland, an NGO that enables private initiatives to educate citizens of Flevoland. We are actively seeking new sponsors to support this project.


We will continue to find new locations for bax boxes and we have also initiated steps to investigate the need and possibilities for building one or more winter residences, so called "bat caves" - a major step up from wooden bat boxes in terms of efforts required.  

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